The Best Toys for Christmas 2011

Here are just some of the very best children toys for 2011. Click on the images to read our reviews, or Click Here to see more great toys like these.

Angry Birds Plush Air Swimmer Fijit Friends Rock Star Mickey Fur Real Cookie My Playful Pup I Am T-Pain Microphone Lazer Stunt Chaser Cars LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Nerf Vortex Nitron Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone Power Rangers Samurai Megazord Action Figure Let's Rock Elmo Simon Flash Transformers 3 Ultimate Optimus Prime Vtech KidiJamz Studio

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Welcome to Just Hot Toys, where we feature hundreds of the hottest children toys for kids of all ages. Shopping for that perfect toy gift for your loved ones does not have to be a hassle anymore. Here you can browse through many hot children toy ideas and categories, and read our extensive reviews and get the best deals and savings on them. With Christmas 2010 fast approaching, why not save your time and money by checking out the newly updated 2010's Hot Christmas Toys list with data compiled from the top online toy retailers such as Toys R Us, Habros, among others.

The toys listed here have proven to be great hits with children. These carefully chosen top children toys are excellent gifts for your young kids on any occasions, including their birthday, Christmas and other holidays. Get them some toys from the 2010's Hot Christmas Toys list, or go for the toys that have proven to stand the test of time being in the best sellers' lists for an extended period of time. You can find these top selling toys at the beginning of each hot toys pages: toys for babies, toys for girls, toys for boys, toys for toddlers, preschool toys, toys for teens and toys for men.

From babies, boys or girls, to toddlers, preschoolers, teenagers and even adults, you will find all sorts of hot, popular and most wanted children toys for your young ones here. And why spend a fortune on a gift, as many of the toys featured come with great savings of as much as 50% or more.

I know how it feels to see the look on my child's face when she opens the box to find that perfect gift she's been waiting for. Getting the right gift, though, can be a daunting task. That's why we created this website to help you do just that: find the best children toys that your kids will absolutely be thrilled to have, at the best price possible, saving you both time and money.

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Hot Christmas Toys 2011

christmas santa Hot Christmas Toys 2011With Christmas 2011 fast approaching, the question arises once again: what are the very best toys, the cream of the crop that will guarantee a smile on your child’s face this year.

A large number of toys that came out in 2011 have been screened, surveyed and tested by the top toy retailer ToysRUs and the independent review body, and the result is nothing short of stellar.

Introducing the top Christmas toys for 2011. This is a shortlist of the very best children toys that offer outstanding, unsurpassed value in play, quality and price. All items on this Hot Christmas Toys 2011 list are guaranteed to keep kids of every age group captivated during and even way after Xmas. They are toys that kids can enjoy for many more years to come, and parents will love the fact that these toys come with different price points that can satisfy any budgets.

Top 10 Educational Toys

educational toys Top 10 Educational Toys

As parents you know toys are not just toys. They serve another purpose too, that is to teach children about their world, stimulate their senses, and help with their overall growth and development. Most toys do come with educational benefits, one way or another. However there are toys better suited for this purpose than others. Here we’ll take a look at the 10 Top Educational Toys that will certainly make your kid a smarter one, by a long mile.

Top 10 Nintendo Video Games on the Wii

nintendo game logo Top 10 Nintendo Video Games on the Wii

It goes without saying that Nintendo video games make great gifts for kids and adults alike. From as young as 2 to as old as 60, everyone can benefit to a certain degree from playing these games, be it for educational or entertainment values.

Nintendo has consistently delivered great games for their various consoles, of which the most notable gaming platform is the Wii console. There are a vast number of Nintendo Wii video games available, which certainly ensures it can cater for the different tastes of gamers worldwide. For all-round entertainment and best fun for the whole family, you can be sure nothing beats Nintendo video games.

Here we’ll take a look at the top 10 Nintendo video games which have attracted a huge fan base, or are on the verge of breaking all gaming records this year.

Top 10 Play Station 3 Games

ps3 game logo Top 10 Play Station 3 Games

Play station 3 games utilize Sony’s ultimate gaming and entertainment platform to deliver breathtakingly beautiful high definition graphics and crystal clear sound for all gaming fans’ utmost enjoyment.

Playstation video games are without a doubt clearer than any other gaming console. Additionally there is a great range of video games that are available exclusively on the PS3. Sony’s Singstar variety of games are very much exciting to play, and the added benefit is that the PlayStation 3 console is backward compatible with the Playstation 2 Singstar games.

Below you can find the top 10 Playstation 3 game reviews. They are the top PS3 games that are adored by gaming fans, played and enjoyed by children as well as adults all over the world.

Top 10 Xbox360 Video Games

xbox game logo Top 10 Xbox360 Video Games

Xbox360 video games are for both casual and hardcore gaming enthusiasts. Given the vast software library available on the Xbox 360 console, you will be hard pressed to find more game choice anywhere else. There are many game titles to choose from to suit all tots and teens, kids and adults alike. With their usually detailed graphics and sophisticated controls, Xbox360 video games offer a different experience when compared to Nintendo games. Nevertheless whether it is a Nintendo game or an Xbox game, it is important to choose an age suitable game to ensure maximum gameplay enjoyment.

Below is a list of the top Xbox360 video games. They are either the hottest Xbox 360 new games or games that have been around for quite some time but have proven to still be gathering a solid base of gaming fans. Most of them are suitable for teens or older gamers, with the exception of Lego Harry Potter which can be played by kids as young as 10.